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American Kwan Tang Soo Do

American Kwan Tang Soo Do traces its history back through the ages. The Martial Arts have been with us in one form or another starting with the caveman.

China is generally acknowledged as the birthplace of the formal Martial Arts. However, there are no written records dating back far enough to confirm the history. From China, the Martial Arts spread by various means to the rest of the world.

Tang Soo Do came to the United States in the 1960's. The Late Grandmaster Hwang Kee, who reportedly studied in China, founded a Tang Soo Do organization in Korea after World War Two. He gave the leadership of the American branch of this organization to Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim who came to the United States in 1969.

Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim, taught Tang Soo Do in the United States and at the time of his death was recognized as the reigning Senior Grandmaster of Korean Karate in the World, holding 10th Dan rank in Tang Soo Do and 9th Dan Rank in Tae Kwon Do.


Grand Master James A. Saffold

American Kwan Tang Soo Do, founded by Grand Master James Saffold, follows the principles learned from these Honored Martial Artists, teaching the traditional style Tang Soo Do.

Grand Master James Saffold, tested and was promoted in March 2002, to 8th Dan by Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim. He started his training in the Martial Arts while in Vietnam in 1968. In 1969, he continued his study with Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim, in Detroit, Michigan, becoming Cho (1st) Dan in 1971, Dan # 14489.

Grand Master Saffold in addition to teaching the traditional forms (Hyung) of Korean Karate, has developed a series of forms Chu Mei Hyung designed to develop a higher state of balance and ability in black belt and master level members.






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